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Mark IV!!!??

So Canon announced the 5DMk4 today.  Every time this happens, I get the feels. I bought the 5D (mk1) when it was the "Big Thing" way back ~12 years ago.  The only way I could afford such a piece of cutting edge machinery was because my recently-deceased mother's life insurance policy paid me a small gift set up by her in her final days.  The policy's pay-off was not a life-changing amount of money, but it was respectable.  My mother (and her mother) loved photography, and she always supported my chosen artistic path, and I reasoned that it was appropriate to use this money to supply myself with the tools I felt I would need to make a career out of the craft.

I bought the newly released 5D, my first DSLR. I'd been shooting chrome and Kodak Tri-X on my trust old Canon eos3 up to that point, and reasoned that with the full-frame sensor, and a whopping 13megapixels, it would serve me well for years to come, which I was right on.

I've dragged the 5D around for the last 12 years now, it's physically abused and awfully slow and mediocre compared to the new guys. 

Every time a new 'Mark' is released, it hurts a little however, and makes me wonder how much longer my old Mk1 is going to hold up for me.  I am in no position to shell out the dough for a new body, and whenever I have trouble focusing in low light, or a rapid burst causes the camera to lag up, or an otherwise gorgeous photo is ruined by noise when it was only shot at 400iso, it makes me sad.  

When I read the tech reviews on the new guys, half the info goes right over my head, but they sure are pretty, and I can't help but be reminded of how fast my camera is falling behind in the pack of performing bodies.